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Smart Gardian™ is a futuristic two-way wireless alarm system designed for the residential market, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises! It offers features that go far beyond those of standard home security systems

The Smart Gardian™ system supports self-monitoring and smartphone integration, also available as a web-based PC application.

This allows homeowners to remotely control their alarm system and view images of their premises in real time.

This is made possible by our eyeWAVE™ wireless PIR camera detector and communication with the Smart Gardian Cloud.

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The Smart Gardian™ wireless security system includes a wide range of accessories, which you can use to monitor the elderly or for additional protection against theft and environmental hazards.

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Upon an intrusion event, the camera captures and transmits a sequence of images that is then transmitted via GPRS or IP communication to the Smart Gardian Cloud.

This allows the homeowner to view the images on a smartphone using the Smart Gardian App or on the Web.(FreeControl App for Iphone and Android) 

The visual verification feature enables self-monitoring and also reduces the number of false alarms.

This also saves time and resources for the central monitoring station.

Easy to install, Smart Gardian™ can be remotely managed, increasing peace of mind for homeowners


You can easily add wireless IP cameras to your system. These cameras can be used for event notifications, as well as for live view and listen in (certain models only). Choose from four models that cover all your needs.

Smart Gardian™ makes life easy for everyone, including:

  • Installers
  • Central monitoring stations
  • Users

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