Do It Yourself Alarm Systems for Your Home and Business

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Kit Contents: 
1 X Smart Hub
1 X Motion Sensor
2 X Door/ Window Sensor
1 X Keychain Remote
1 X Power Supply
1 X LAN Cable
Batteries Included

CAD $485.55


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The 2-way Wireless Door/ Window Contact is ideal for wireless perimeter door/window protection in residential and small commercial applications.

CAD $46.80


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The PIR/Pet Wireless motion sensor is a stylish wall mount passive infrared detector with Pet immunity up to 80Ib.

CAD $72.15


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The Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector combines two advanced technologies within a compact and streamlined design, the ideal choice for homeowners seeking the highest safety standards.
The Smoke and Heat Detector offers a more sensitive and dependable product for early detection of fire hazards in different environments with a reduced risk of false alarms.

CAD $81.90


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The Wireless integrated camera PIR pet motion sensor has an integrated camera for visual verification. Upon an intrusion event, or by homeowner demand, the camera captures and transmits a sequence of images directly to the homeowner smartphone application.

CAD $140.40


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The Wireless Flood Detector promptly detect and alert to the presence of even small water leaks. From the kitchen to a basement, from a water tank to a refrigerator, our Wireless Flood Detector is easy to install and can save home and business owners untold damages. 
In the case of a leak, the Wireless Flood Detector will send a notification immediately to the user's smartphone device. With all around protection, the Wireless Flood Detector continues to work even when the security system is disarmed, for full peace of mind.

CAD $66.30


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The Wireless Glass Break is an additional solution for perimeter protection that detects intruders while they are still outside.
Based on an advanced glass breaking pattern analysis of both low and high frequency channels it detects the breaking of all common glass types and thicknesses while disregarding non framed glass breakage and other sources of false alarms.

CAD $74.10

Wireless IP Cameras


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CAD $189.00


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CAD $199.99


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CAD $199.99


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CAD $229.99