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Video Surveillance

Operating across Canada, Smart Gardian specializes in the sale and installation of video surveillance equipment for residential and commercial security.

Innovative security solutions

To provide an effective first line of defence against potential intruders and burglars, Smart Gardian offers a wide range of surveillance cameras. Count on us to boost your on-site security!

Drawing on years of experience in the security industry, we carefully select the location to install the various components of our video surveillance systems. This allows you to keep a 360° watchful eye over your property!

Video surveillance is a powerful deterrent to prevent theft, vandalism and intrusion.

In addition to video surveillance equipment, we also design and sell other innovative security systems.

Video Surveillance Montreal

Minimize threats to your home or business


Quickly control your system from anywhere

At Smart Gardian, we understand that every home is different! Contact us to install the most suitable video surveillance solution for your requirements.

Our security systems allow you to stay connected to your home or business remotely.

Our team operates across Montreal, Laval, Terrebonne and the neighbouring cities. In the case of a critical event, we make sure necessary action is taken.

In short, when you are not there, rest assured that we can be! For optimum security, we recommend the Smart Gardian futuristic two-way wireless security system.

Video Surveillance Montreal

Your property is constantly monitored


Our two-way wireless security system is:

  • Designed for the residential and commercial market
  • It works with the iRISCO smartphone app
  • The app is also available as a web based PC application

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